The Impact of The Epidemic Situation on Trade


As we all know, there is nothing more worthy of our attention than the epidemic situation of novel pneumonia coronavirus (COVID-19)since the end of 2019. Because the severity and impact of the epidemic situation have far exceeded our expectations, and almost everyone feels in danger.

 Epidemic Situation

We would like to pay our highest tribute to the medical staff who are desperate for this epidemic situation. You are all the most lovely people, and we deeply regret the compatriots who died in this epidemic situation.


In addition to caring about the impact of the epidemic situation on the personal safety of our compatriots, I have been paying attention to the impression of the epidemic situation on domestic and foreign trade and hope to share it with you as soon as possible.


Many friends complained that they were worried about the extension of the epidemic situation of novel pneumonia coronavirus and the failure of the factory to operate normally on time, together with the ocean shipping delays situation which would affect the delivery time of customers' orders. If it is serious, they may have to bear huge compensation.


I have some customers who are particularly sensitive to the delivery time, so I think of them first. Some strict companies will indicate the details of compensation for delayed delivery, but generally there are supplementary terms indicating that the delivery time will be affected within the scope of force majeure, including natural disasters War, large sudden diseases, etc.


You can go back to check the terms of the P/L, and then explain the specific situation to the customer and get their understanding. You can explain the reasons by email or video call, so that customers can understand our difficulties, and believe that customers will be able to understand.


Taking advantage of this situation, I have also recently strengthened the contact with some important customers. Everyone is very concerned about the domestic epidemic situation, and often cares about the health of my family and me. I was once very touched, not only by the mutual support of domestic compatriots, but also by the care and encouragement from overseas compatriots. I believe we can get through this difficult situation smoothly and control the development of epidemic situation rapidly.


In addition to chatting, I also tested the demand of customers. Customers who didn't confirm the order many years ago actually have the intention and demand to place an order, but they will also worry about the impact of the epidemic situation on the order, especially the delivery time. Although we are unable to determine the specific time to control the epidemic situation, or the specific impact of placing an order now.


The more uncertain the situation is, the more confidence the professional sales should bring to customers. Just like we firmly believe that the Chinese government can control the epidemic situation, we need to pass this confidence to customers, so customers will be willing to give us orders.


So what we should do now is to have confidence in our government and our customers. And let customers have confidence in us.


Finally, I have a lot of feelings about this emergency: perhaps for the people born in the 1990s and 2000s who grew up in the era of peace and prosperity, never thought that a small virus could also threaten the survival of human beings.


This is nature's revenge and warning to mankind. When we blame those who do not care about the safety of others and eat wild animals, we should also reflect on whether human beings have a "heart of awe" towards nature and all creatures.


The impact of this epidemic situation on domestic and foreign trade has not yet been calculated and can no longer be retrieved. However, we should bear in mind the serious warning given to us by nature. To love nature and the environment is to love ourselves. May everyone have a humble and awe for nature and all things.

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